Bumper Boats


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  • Item Name: Bumper Boats
  • Item Number: bumperboat
  • Type: Inflatable Games
  • Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Material: Plastics
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
  • Productivity: 100 pcs Monthly
  • Shipping Method: By sea / by air, and etc.
  • Lead Time: 35 working days
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C, COD


Bumper boats are an amusement park ride that uses inner tube shaped watercraft that can be steered by the rider. Some are driven by electric motors, some by gasoline engines, and some require the rider to propel the craft by pedaling. Most are equipped with water guns for duels with other riders. Bumper boat attractions can commonly be found in places such as amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, family fun centers, and theme parks.
Bumper boats are an amusement ride in which people drive tiny boats in a pool or pond and try to crash into each other for fun. In a patent application related to the ride, its inventor wrote, "one of the thrills of operating amusement park boats of this type is to initiate collisions with other similar boat within a relatively confined pool." The small boats can hold one or two people and have over-sized fenders that resemble the inner tube of a large tractor tire inner tube. The boats are powered by either electric or gasoline engines.
Item No. : Bumperboat
Productivity:100 Pcs/Mon
Min. Order:1pc
material :plastics
scientifical design: The coin acceptor can accept all kinds of permitted coin . Meanwhile, the display shows the remaining time. safe design:It has alarm light, power indicator light too. style:we have innovated many beautiful style, such as Panda, Dog, Goose, Bear and so Construction: Seamless,injection blow molding product
Inflatable part: Heavy duty inflator,weatherable,have three colour,red,green and blue
Motor: 12 volt,permanent magnent, 2.5-3.5 A/hr
Steering: Stainless steel mechanical steering wheel linkage
Propeller: 6.35 inch proprietary two-blade,high-pitch,molded plastic
Battery :Sealed,maintainance-free rechargeable, 36 A/hr
Running time: Up to 5 hours continuous
Charger: Input AC 220 volt,output DC 12 volt
Capacity: Maxweight 73 kg, height 39 to 66cm
Use condition: The depth of water must be up 35 centimeter.

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